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Kiss, tickle, cuddle and hug your way through a book every baby and toddler will love.
An enjoyable board book for babies and toddlers that introduces facial expressions, emotions and gestures of affection. In Kiss, Tickle, Cuddle, Hug, emotions are linked to facial expressions with an array of colorful close-up photographic images that showcases a multiethnic cast of babies. Perfect for little hands to hold, this is a board book to share and enjoy over and over again.

  CM Magazine - October 12, 2012
"A range of emotions recognizable by caregivers and early childhood educators alike will appeal to babies and toddlers who are becoming more emotionally aware...Babies will be especially attracted to the variety of facial expressions, and all readers will appreciate the racial diversity of the children in the photographs...Highly Recommended."

You're in Canada Now

Evocative and superbly rakish, these essays are a generous diagnosis of the often offbeat worlds of family, writing, travel, sex and death as interpreted through the real life adventures of Susan Musgrave. Equally at home recounting the lore of her outlaw husband Stephen Reid, or interpreting the arcane rituals of her teenage girls, Musgrave brings to her literary essays that same invigorating freshness for which he has become known in her fiction and poetry. In settings ranging from the aching solitude of the Queen Charlotte Islands to the sweaty intensity of bandido apartments in Panama, the reader will find Musgrave musing with her legendary wit and pastiche, while creating graffiti-like impressions of the writer's essential take on those closest to her.


Musgrave Landing: Musings on the Writing Life

Poet, novelist, columnist, stand-up comic, political commentator, enfant terrible, eco-feminist, mother - Susan Musgrave is or has been labelled all of these at one time or another.   Here, in her second collection of musings on the writing life, she melds a mordant wit and fey whimsy with poignant observations and ironic glimpses of life's quirky moments.

Musgrave wanders in and out of her own personal space, pirouettes through the corridors of her mind, and rambles far and wide geographically, from the Musgrave Landing of the title, an actual place on British Columbia's Saltspring Island, to Disneyland and Trinidad. And everywhere she goes she brings the fine eye and ear of a writer, recounting her adventures with manic disc jockeys, Death Row in a bookstore, overenthusiastic fans, sadistic editors, earnest would-be authors, and the Demosthenes of northern Ontario.

Whether chronicling the difficulties of placing that first line on a blank page, detailing the hazards facing all writers on a book tour, or focusing on the tender mercies of daily life, Susan Musgrave always displays the wry wisdom learned during a career devoted to finding the right word.


Great Musgrave

Great Musgrave brings together, for the fires time, the collected nonfiction writings of this daring and versatile author. With her wicked sense of humour, Musgrave tackles such subjects as how to cape with writer's block ("I go through my junk drawer, sorting rubber bands into neat piles according to stretchiness and size"), poetry readings, marriage in a maximum security prison, posing nude for Saturday night ("the photographer shot me so carefully, so tenderly - each shot a perfect execution - that when he came to shoot the centrefold spread, and asked me to take everything off, even the Argyles, how could I possibly have refused?"), and the hazards and joys of being both a mother and a writer ("I used to read Dostoevsky.   These days I read Diaper Dialogue.").



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